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Vacuum Pump Oil and Grease

Our VacOil® brand brings the highest quality vacuum fluids to help your system run better, longer, and with less maintenance and expense than you would experience with lesser quality vacuum fluids.With competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and excellent service, VacOil® is your best resource for quality vacuum pump fluids. To learn more, select from our VacOil® grades in the quick links below.
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19gradeicon-sm3.jpgVacOil® 19 Grade Standard

The standard choice for use in direct drive two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps.

195gradeicon-sm3.jpgVacOil® 195 Grade Standard Plus

 For belt-driven two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps under 300 cfm.

20gradeicon-sm3.jpgVacOil® 20 Grade Standard Ultra

A step up from 19 Grade, offers better resistance to water and chemical attack and to decrease the frequency of oil changes.

130gradeicon-sm3.jpgVacOil® 130 Grade  Large Capacity

Used in rotary piston pumps from 150 cfm to 300 cfm with operating temperatures up to 160 °F.

ezgradeicon-sm.jpgVacOil® EZ Grade Full Synthetic Premium

A synthetic hydrocarbon fluid that has been doubled distilled for improved properties.

ffgradeicon-sm.jpgVacOil® FF Grade Flushing Fluid

Used between oil changes to assist in the internal cleaning of the particles and sludge buildup in the vacuum pump.

ecogradeicon-sm3.jpgVacOil® ECO Grade Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump Oil

For oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps used in Freeze Drying applications. When frequent oil-changes are necessary.

acgradeicon-sm3.jpgVacOil® AC Grade Refrigeration Vacuum Pump Oil

Our AC Grade Vacuum Pump Oil resists break down under extreme temperatures providing lubrication to your pump for maximum performance.

fomblin-25-6-4-72750.1392767051.220.220.jpgFomblin™ PFPE Lubricants

Fluorinated lubricants representing the best choice when aggressive chemical environments, high temperatures or wide working-temperature ranges are involved.

vacoilsiliconegrease.pngVacuum Grease

Industrial and high vacuum grease. Chemical, water, and thermal resistant.

fxproduct1.jpgOil Accessories

Bucket faucets, drum pumps, and other oil accessories.

becker-oil-combo.jpgBecker Vacuum Pump Oils

Becker's hydrocracked semi-synthetic oil has a higher viscosity index and is more heat tolerant. Fewer additives for fewer residual deposits in your pump.




Through decades of selling, repairing and supplying customers with vacuum pumps and systems, we recognize the need for quality vacuum pump fluids and the value in finding the right vacuum fluids for your vacuum application.



Our premium stocks are tested to meet the demands of your application, whether you are looking for a standard vacuum pump oil or a fully synthetic, high resistance vacuum pump oil.



With quick turnaround including same day shipping, competitive pricing, and excellent service, VacOil® is your best resource for quality vacuum pump fluid.



Induction lined caps provide a hermetic, leak proof, and tamper evident seal. Using an induction sealing system is ideal for extending oil shelf life, preserving freshness, and preventing costly leaks.

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