AC Grade Refrigeration Vacuum Pump Oil

VacOil HVAC Pump Oil is premium oil that has been specifically engineered to maintain viscosity and integrity for your demanding projects. Our AC Grade Vacuum Pump Oil resists break down under extreme temperatures and provides lubrication to your vacuum pump for maximum performance.

Trust VacOil as your single source for HVAC pump oil. Using quality vacuum pump oil with regular change outs prolongs the life of your refrigerant pump and provides you with optimal performance. VacOil® offers a full range of vacuum pump oils. Our AC Grade is perfect for HVAC refrigerant vacuum pump oil changes.
VacOil vacuum fluids are superior quality molecularly distilled HVAC pump oil engineered to perform and provide the ultimate protection from wear that causes pump repairs and pump failures. Lab tests reveal superior performance such as viscosity change and sediment weight when tested against competitive brand oils, outlasting and outperforming other vacuum oils.
VacOil is an established brand and the use of its HVAC pump oil can contribute greatly to the performance of your Vacuum pump.