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Why Choose VacOil?

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VacOil Brand


Why choose VacOil 19 Grade?

  • VacOil 19 Grade is the standard choice for use in direct drive two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps.
  • VacOil 19 Grade is the least expensive oil option and is recommended when frequent oil changes are needed to remove contaminants and water from pump.

Why choose VacOil 195 Grade?

  • VacOil 195 Grade is most often used for belt driven two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps.
  • Its higher viscosity offers excellent thermal stability and is ideal for a broad range of pumps under 300 cfm.

Why choose VacOil 20 Grade?

  • VacOil 20 Grade is a upgraded oil vs the 19 grade and is also used in all two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps.
  • VacOil 20 Grade has a vapor pressure of less than 10^-6 torr vs 10^-5 torr for 19 grade and is slightly more viscous and more stable than 19 grade oil.
  • VacOil 20 Grade is used to get better resistance to water and chemical attack and to decrease the frequency of oil changes.

Why choose VacOil 130 Grade?

  • VacOil 130 Grade is used in rotary piston pumps from 150 cfm to 300 cfm with operating temperatures up to 160 °F.

Why choose VacOil Elite Z?

  • VacOil Elite Z is a synthetic hydrocarbon fluid that has been doubled distilled for improved properties.  Its vapor pressure is less than 10^-7 torr and is more viscous than 20 grade.
  • VacOil Elite Z is the most expensive of these oils and is recommend when long oil life is desired and to decrease the frequency of oil changes.
  • VacOil Elite Z is often used in small two stage pumps that tend to run hotter and do not need much oil.  It is also highly recommend for use for leak detector vacuum pumps. 
  • VacOil Elite Z is more resistant to water and chemical attack and is recommend for use with higher temperatures.

Why choose VacOil FF Grade?

  • VacOil FF Grade flushing fluid oil is used between oil changes to assist in the internal cleaning of the particles and sludge buildup in the vacuum pump.
  • Its low viscosity helps it free contamination from internal parts allowing it to be flushed from the pump through the drain plug.
  • VacOil FF Grade is the least expensive oil and is compatible for use with all other hydrocarbon oils.

VacOil Brand Selection Guide

Need help selecting the right vacuum oil? Check our guide below or
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Note: Any vacuum pumps that have been using a Fomblin, PFTE fluid or inert fluid instead of hydrocarbon fluids are not compatible with these oils.
Do not use any hydrocarbon oils when pumping on oxygen.