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Through decades of selling, repairing and supplying customers with vacuum pumps and systems, Fluidx Equipment recognizes the need for quality vacuum pump fluids and the value in finding the right vacuum fluids for your vacuum application. Our VacOil brand joins our industry expertise with the highest quality vacuum fluids to help your system run better, longer, and with less maintenance and expense than you would experience with lesser quality vacuum fluids.

VacOil is quickly becoming the nation’s choice for affordable vacuum pump oil. There are significant reasons to match your vacuum pump and process to the most optimal oil for performance and maintenance. Vacuum pumps can range from $1000 to over $30,000 and are often a vital piece of equipment for research and development, industrial and scientific work.

With competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and excellent service, VacOil is your best resource for quality vacuum pump fluid. We extend our "60 Second Promise", a guarantee that we can find the best oil for your application after one minute of describing your pump and working environment.

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