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Posted by VACOIL on 21st Jan 2022

How Do You Know When It's Time to Change Your Vacuum Pump Oil?

There are two main ways to gauge whether or not your oil needs to be changed.

1. A good indicator of when to change your oil is the color. In general, it should be light, but there is a range of acceptable shades at which your pump will function. If you’re checking the oil in your vacuum pump, match the color to the resource provided below.

Vacuum Pump Oil Quality & Color Reference

2. Another way to gauge your pump's oil quality is if the oil is milky or cloudy. This could mean your vacuum pump oil has been contaminated by water. Check out the image below for reference.


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Need Vacuum Pump Repair or Preventative Maintenance?

Our factory-trained and authorized technicians are committed to getting your vacuum pump fixed right and turned around fast. Our service includes:

  • Pump evaluation and repair scope within 3 days of pump receipt.
  • Test pump to original manufacturer specifications
  • Standard turnaround time of two weeks or less, based on parts availability.
  • Our database tracks all pump repairs by serial number, providing valuable data on pump performance and issues that occur over the life of the pump.

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