How to Use Vacuum Pump Flushing Fluid

Posted by VACOIL on 17th Feb 2022

What is Flushing Fluid?

One of the main ways to do an internal cleaning of particles and sludge build-up in mechanical pumps is using flushing fluid. Using FF Grade Flushing Fluid as part of your regular pump maintenance will ensure your vacuum pump is free of contaminants. Low viscosity helps free contamination from internal parts and discharge it through the drain valve.

How to Use Flushing Fluid

Vacuum pump fluid must be changed at regular intervals in order to remove contaminants that have collected in the fluid and to restore lubricity.

1. When the pump oil is ready to be changed, drain the oil while the pump is still hot to stop particles from settling.

2. Fill the pump with FF Grade Flushing Fluid and run the pump for 10 minutes with the pump inlet blanked off.

3. Drain all flushing fluid through the drain port. If still contaminated repeat step 2 until FF comes out clear. Once the pump is cleaned fill it with clean oil

Why Choose VacOil FF Grade Flushing Fluid?

  • VacOil FF Grade of flushing fluid oil is used between oil changes to assist in the internal cleaning of the particles and sludge buildup in the vacuum pump.
  • Its low viscosity helps it free contamination from internal parts allowing it to be flushed from the pump through the drain plug.
  • VacOil FF Grade is compatible for use with all other hydrocarbon oils.
  • Each cap is induction sealed to lock out moisture and contaminants.