After decades of using the MSDS (material safety data sheet) standard, OSHA has decided to realign with the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) to pursue a more universal acceptance and compliance. Material safety data sheets have been the norm for decades and this shift will cause many companies to adjust.

What is or was MSDS?

Before assuming too much let’s review the purpose behind the existence of MSDS. MSDS documents are pages of information that travel with hazardous chemical shipments that include warnings for handling, storage and disposal.


First off, an SDS is basically the same document nearly identical but by dropping the “M” from SDS has caused many to become confused and frustrated. The GHS SDS has only a couple of minor revisions to the MSDS format.

Is VacOil® Supplying SDS Documents

Yes. VacOil® has made the necessary changes on all of our vacuum pump oils.

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