What are the Different Grades of Vacuum Pump Oils?

Posted by VACOIL on 22nd Sep 2021

Mechanical oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps need a variety of oils and fluids to suit the specific pump, process, and application it's used for. Oil is the lifeblood of our vacuum pumps and that's why it's important to choose the right grade. Below we have covered the different types of oils that can be used for vacuum pumps.

19 Grade: This is a higher viscosity, designed for direct drive rotary vane vacuum pumps and ideal for most general purpose applications. The low vapor pressure reduces system backstreaming and thermal stability provides resistance to oxidation and sludge formation.

195 Grade: A high purity paraffinic oil that provides excellent lubrication, low varnish forming tendencies and superior water separating particles. This oil is designed for use in 150 - 300 cfm rotary piston pumps that operate at 160°F or less. The ideal applications for this include optical and decorative coatings, leak detection, freeze drying, sputtering/heat treating, and vacuum furnaces.

20 Grade: This is an upgrade oil from the 19 Grade. It is a severely hydro-treated paraffinic oil that is double distilled through a molecular distillation process to remove light end fractions. 20 Grade is highly saturated and contains less than 0.01% sulfur similar to technical white oils. Its high molecular weight and viscosity index provides longer service life and reduced build up of varnish and carbonized oil on the internal pump components. This vacuum pump oil is ideal for rotary vane pumps and high vacuum blowers, and eliminates cross contamination when used in mechanical and diffusion pumps.

130 Grade: A severely hydro-treated paraffinic oil put through a molecular distillation process to remove light end fractions and contains a complex additive package that aids in gas ballasting off water vapor and prevents the accumulation of varnish, particulate and sludge on the internal components of the vacuum pump. It is is engineered for use in rotary piston pumps from 150-300 cfm with operating temperatures up to 160°F. The use of 130 Grade in high particulate or water vapor applications will increase the service life of your pump and allow for less extensive and lower cost repairs.

Elite Z Grade: This oil is double distilled to exhibit the highest performance for mechanical pumps. EZ Grade is a full synthetic hydrocarbon vacuum fluid that is very resistant to thermal and chemical attack and provides longer oil life and superior protection to the vacuum pump.

FS Grade: Synthetic/food grade vacuum pump oil is a custom-formulated lubricant using a premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluid coupled with an unmatched high-performance additive package. This formulation features superior thermal and oxidative stability, enabling operation over a wide range of temperatures without coking, deposit formation, or corrosion. It also exhibits low volatility and is compatible with mineral oil lubricants.

Eco Grade: A high viscosity freeze dryer oil, designed for use with direct drive rotary vane pumps and is ideal for freeze drying applications. The quality formula improves pumping cycles, lowers maintenance costs, cools the pump and extends pump life.

FF Grade: Vacuum pump flushing fluid is designed to assist in the internal cleaning of particles and sludge build-up in mechanical vacuum pumps. Using FF Grade Flushing Fluid after changing your oil as part of your regular pump maintenance will ensure your vacuum pump is free of contaminants. Low viscosity helps free contamination from internal parts and discharge it through the drain valve.

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