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FLUIDX Introduces New Vacuum Pump Oil Website

VacOil Website & Brand Are Introduced to Promote Vacuum Pump Oil

Salt Lake City, Utah

January 30, 2014

FluidX Equipment announces the recent launch of, a new eCommerce website to promote and expand its vacuum pump oil products. VacOil will now make finding industrial vacuum pump oil easier to find and purchase. Visitors to VacOil can find the right oil for their vacuum pump and make their purchase online.

“At FluidX we discussed and realized there is a common problem identifying the correct vacuum oil for your pump coupled with a convenient method to make a purchase. We are excited about the future of VacOil and exhilarated with its performance. We now have a growing base of customers throughout the United States and remarkable sales internationally,” said Trace Stanger, FluidX’s general manager.

VacOil offers the most common vacuum oil grades and accessories required for rotary vane vacuum pumps. Manufacturers often play the shell game with customers by changing their oil’s name or part numbers to confuse consumers and make them reliant upon their own brand while keeping their prices high. This has frustrated rotary vane technicians. VacOil aims to be a reliable supplier for their needs without any confusion and offering vacuum oil at a valued price with same day shipping.

Vacuum pump oil for rotary vane pumps is not like common motor oil. It is much more refined and developed to withstand a defined range of tolerances. These tolerances must be adhered or you run the risk of hindering its performance or destroying the vacuum pump altogether. A typical industrial rotary vane vacuum pump can cost between $3,000-$11,000.

“A distinguishing feature to our business model is our fulfillment process. We can dispense, package and ship our orders within one business day. In fact, we have maintained 100% quality service by shipping each of our orders out the same day,” reports Brandon Larsen VacOil operations manager.

VacOil is packaged in easy-to-pour and inventory F-Style jugs and is thematically sealed to prevent spillage during shipping. Oil mist eliminators, faucets, and other unique accessories are also available to improve the performance of your vacuum process or to make changing oil more convenient. “Neglecting to change your vacuum oil on a regular basis is the single biggest reason for failure or retirement of a vacuum pump,” says Dave Tuke, FluidX service manager.

LACO Technologies, an industry leader in vacuum and leak detection, has also recently made VacOil an exclusive partner for resell and supply to their current customers worldwide.

FluidX Equipment is an exclusive distributor for several leading manufacturers and service center in the Mountain West region.