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Change Vacuum Pump Oil

When do I change my vacuum pump fluid?

  • After a 100 hour break-in period of pump operation.
  • When the pump fluid becomes contaminated or is(and/or) discolored.
  • When condensation in the pump fluid is present.
  • Before and after the pump has been stored for a long period of time.
  • When the vacuum pump level is significantly higher than the rated blankoff vacuum. This is best tested with a high vacuum gauge mounted directly on the inlet port.
  • When the vacuum pump is not reaching the desired vacuum level. This is best tested with a vacuum gauge placed directly on the pump.
  • Depending on your oil type, application and possible contaminants, the frequency of oil changes can range anywhere from daily to yearly. and set a frequency which could be from daily to yearly depending on the oil type, and application.